Birthday Cake Marshmallows by Hammond's Candies


SKU: 78783


  • 90 calories/ 1 serving
  • Gluten Free/Kosher
  • 4 oz. resealable bag

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Celebrate a birthday with a birthday cake treat! The Birthday Cake Marshmallows by Hammond's Candies are a great birthday treat for snacking, smores, and anything you can think of! Put a sweet rainbow spin on hot chocolate! We just can't get enough of these colorful sweets!

Hammond's Candies is a company based out of Denver, CO. They have been making delicious treats for over 100 years, and their experience in chocolate and candy making is unmatched! You know they know what they are doing when you take a bite out of any treat. Each of their yummy marshmallows are handcrafted by candy specialists and then put in fun and beautiful packaging. These marshmallows are a great sharable snack, but we won't judge if you keep them for yourself!