Bison: Falcon Pocket Guides by Jack Ballard


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  • Published by Falcon Guides
  • 96 pages
  • Paperback

There is no denying that bison are an iconic symbol of the American West. Did you know that bison are the largest mammals in North America? In fact, these massive creatures can weigh up to 2,000 lbs and can stand at 6 feet tall. At birth, bison calves weigh around 30-70 lbs. Wow! If you are as intrigued by bison as we are, you need to get your hands on Bison: Falcon Pocket Guides by Jack Ballard. This informational guidebook will fill you in on this fantastic mammal and is a great point of reference for Yellowstone National Park travelers. 

Jack Ballard, the author of this informational guidebook, is an award-winning outdoor writer and photographer. Well known for his features in over 25 regional and national magazines, Jack Ballard currently resides in Red Lodge, Montana. With expansive experience in the great outdoors, Jack Ballard is a credible source for this great travelers guide!

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