Bison Greeting Card by Quilling Card


SKU: 73278


  • Measures 6" by 6"
  • Blank inside
  • Add a handwritten message in your order comments for free!

It's time to step up your card giving game with some really unique, like this Bison Greeting Card by Quilling Card. The art of paper quilling is when an artist takes small strips of paper, rolls them up, and then arranges them into unique designs. This art of papery has been around for many, many years and Quilling Card has worked to support small artists with their handcrafted greeting card selection. With a blank inside, you're able to send your own special message to whoever is lucky enough to receive a gift from you! We can also help by writing that message for you when you put it in the order comments!

The bison is the symbol of the American West. So, this particular Quilling Card is great for that person who loves the great outdoors, loves to travel the West, and loves animals. If you've ever seen a bison in the wild, you know what a fascinating creature they really are. Whether they are rolling in the dust or trekking through the wild terrain of Yellowstone National Park, they are quite a sight to behold. We hope you can give a little of that feeling to the recipient of this Bison Greeting Card by Quilling Card!