Bison Herd Slim Cooler by Alaska Wild and Free


SKU: 81284


  • Slim Can Cooler - Perfect for Seltzers
  • Full-Color Design
  • Wildlife-Inspired Design

There is nothing better than having a few seltzers after a long week of work, but there is nothing worse than a warm seltzer! Luckily, with the Bison Herd Slim Cooler by Alaska Wild and Free, this issue is a thing of the past. This slim can cooler, perfectly fitting a variety of seltzer cans, is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their drinks cold and their fingers dry. Featuring a unique full-color wildlife-inspired design, you will be sipping in style with this eccentric design! 

Calling Anchorage, Alaska home, Kristi Trimmer is the mastermind behind Alaska Wild and Free. After traveling the world as a writer, Kristi decided to sort through her thousands of photos of wildlife and beautiful landscapes. These beautiful scenes inspired her, and she began converting them into stunning designs. Today, you can find her work on can huggies, stickers, magnets, and even coloring books!

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