Bison Herd Sticker by Alaska Wild and Free


SKU: 81831


  • Size - 3" inches
  • Designed in Alaska
  • Art of Kristi Trimmer
Bring back home the peace you felt the first time you saw a wild gang of bison. With the Bison Herd Sticker by Alaska Wild and Free, you get an easy-to-carry keepsake full of intricate detail and beauty. Every color in this buffalo sticker is full of vibrancy and life, just like it's inspiration, and with a colorful view this stunning, you will never forget your trip through our western landscape. So bring home a memory that will last and don't forget to show it off for others to experience the magic!
Alaska Wild and Free offers a wide variety of products like stickers, coloring books, pins, and more. Based in Alaska and designed by artist Kristi Trimmer, Alaska Wild and Free adds a colorful twist to recreating wild, western landscapes. Are you interested in seeing what other Alaska Wild and Free products we carry? Follow the Alaska Wild and Free link and find your favorite design!