Bison Sticker by Atomic Child


SKU: 78717


  • Measures 3.7" by 2.7"
  • All weather
  • Made in Colorado

Upgrade your sticker game with this awesome Bison Sticker by Atomic Child. The neatest thing about this sticker is that you get the outline of that classic bison that everyone loves, but with some really neat added imagery. Represented here is that beautiful mountain landscape we've all come to know and love in the Rocky Mountain Region. From glorious sunrises to snow-capped peaks to tall, swaying timbers, you can think about all your favorite elements of that beautiful scenery. Slap this buffalo sticker on your trusty water bottle, the bumper of your Subaru, or the lid of your laptop and represent everyone's favorite region of the United States. While you're hydrating, traveling, or working, it's good to be reminded of those wide open spaces. 

Atomic Child is the creation of artist Jimmy Bryant out of Colorado. While he's always had this connection to drawing and creation, it was his love of the outdoors that really inspired him to design with that in mind. Staying true to his passions has given him a lot of opportunities, including working with the likes of Motley Crue, Counting Crows, Clif Bar, and Nalgene. As the sole designer for Atomic Child and currently based out of Denver, Bryant works around to keep his company running smoothly and stay in the creative essence in order to create unique designs like this sticker! His passion really comes through all his designs, and we hope you'll feel a bit of that when you showcase the Bison Sticker by Atomic Child!