Bitterroot Copper Copper Mine Bracelet by Montana Leather Designs


SKU: 80421


  • Sturdy Leather
  • High Quality Material
  • Made in Montana
  • Size Medium (7.5 inches)

Leather is a great accessory to any outfit, and it's a material that will last for ages. Montana Leather Designs, wants to make sure you have the best products for whatever occasion you see fit. Elevate you're style with these unique glass beaded leather bracelets. Perfect for both formal and casual wear these bracelets are perfect for anything. 

Montana Leather Designs company is all about Montana. They even name their products after various different Montana locations. They are all very well made, from high quality materials that last for years and years. The skilled artists of Montana Leather Designs are phenomenal at designing and creating their jewelry, taking the traditional methods of saddle making these artists can make almost anything they want from leather. The Montana Gift Corral is proud to carry their product for anyone looking to be closer to Montana through authentic Montanan leather jewelry.