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Bitterroot Wildflower Card by Claire Emery Art


SKU: 80299


  • Made in Montana
  • Durable material

The bitterroot flower is the Montana state flower. It can sometimes be found at elevations of 10,000 feet or in the dry fields of Montana surrounded by sage brush. The bitterroot is also used as a cooking ingredient. The root is bitter and was used by the native Americans to cook with meat and berries. The Bitterroot is a reminder to all that even in harsh climates you can still grow and bloom. These cards are a perfect gift for the creative writer in your life or as a letter to a distant friend you would like to reconnect with.

Clarie Emery Art is amazing! Her stunning, vibrant cards are very pleasing to the eye and always inspire creativity. Claire is very talented and inspired by the world around her. She loves to draw and create different kinds of art from her greeting cards up to woodblock carvings. She is truly an artist we at the Montana Gift Corral love to work with her and share her art with you and the world!