Black Honey Body Wash by Archipelago Botanicals


SKU: 77537


  • 17 fl. oz
  • Paraben and sulfate-free
  • Made in the US

Looking for some sunshine in a bottle? If you said yes, then the Black Honey Body Wash by Archipelago Botanicals is definitely for you! Black Honey is a powerful humectant that naturally moisturizes and softens the skin. The Amazonian honey contains gluconic-acid which gently brightens and balances your skin tone. Plant extracts, rich nutrients, minerals, and essential oils are blended to create a light and refreshing body wash. The Black Honey Body Wash is scented with ginger, bergamot, red grapefruit, and sweet oranges and is then combined with vanilla blossoms and sunny chamomile! 

Archipelago began in a garage in Santa Monica, California twenty years ago with a small batch of essential oils and natural ingredients. Inspired by Catalina, the creators hoped to develop unique and inviting scents from their environment. Today, the continue that mission of enhancing your life through simple ingredients with a rich brand experience. If you're looking for a great hydrating lotion to put on after you wash with this amazing body wash, try the Black Honey Body Lotion by Archipelago Botanicals!