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Blue Classic Moose Crew Socks by LazyOne


Brand: Lazy One
SKU: 75354


  • Fits sizes 10-13
  • 75% Cotton, 15% Nylon, 10% Spandex
  • Preshrunk

Did you know that moose can run at speeds up to 35mph? This is substantially fast especially when they are charging at you, trust me, I've been there! Although these massive animals are known for their ornery and aggressive personality, they are extremely majestic and are quite to sight to behold on all of your outdoor adventures. Be warned though, keep your distance, they value their personal space! 

If you love moose as much as we do, you need the Blue Classic Moose Crew Socks by LazyOne!  These adorable socks are inspired by the the outdoors, and will make an excellent wildlife-themed addition to your collection! LazyOne, the brand behind these socks, highly values ethical business practices and workmanship.  This company only works with factories that have sound environmental policies, uses recycled materials to hang their products, and only uses azo-free dyes. How neat! Click here to check out our full collection of LazyOne products!