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Booty Sleep Sleep Mask by Lazy One


Brand: Lazy One
SKU: 59535


  • 100% Cotton
  • Two Cotton Layers with Soft Padding Interior
  • Stretchy Elastic Band Fits Most Head Sizes
  • Preshrunk

     Give anyone who dares to wake you a solid "do not disturb" with the Booty Sleep Sleep Mask by Lazy One! The Booty Sleep Sleep Mask is a fun sleep mask that let's people know that nap time is you time. The Booty Sleep Sleep Mask is a bright pink with a complimentary turquoise border. The Booty Sleep Sleep Mask features an adorable horse wearing some fabulous turquoise cowboy boots with a white design on them. Next to the fashionable horse are the words "I need my booty sleep" in bold white letters. Cute, fun, and punny as can be the Booty Sleep Sleep Mask is a delightful sleep mask that is sure to help you sleep through the night! With the elastic band it can fit just about anyone, so get your Booty Sleep Sleep Mask and get a delightful night's sleep!