Born To Be Wild Socks by Lazy One


Brand: Lazy One
SKU: 67403
  • Adult unisex size 9-11
  • Soft cotton blend socks
  • Sentiment: Born To Be Wild

Proclaim your wild side to the world with these nifty socks! Or maybe not to the world since few people get the chance to see the bottom of our feet ~ you’ll always know, though, and that’s what counts! Emblazoned with bright blues and navy, and finished off with nimble moose, these socks are perfect for those with a truly wild ‘sole’.

Lazy One is located in the Rocky Mountains of Northern Utah and began when Mr. and Mrs. Hoope set out to provide the world with innovative and hysterical boxer shorts. Now 10 years later, they have turned that dream into a multi-million dollar business. Along the road of success they have expanded their catalog to include a vast array of nightwear and gift options, and have become a trusted friend in the pajama business!