Bozeman From the Heart


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  • Edited by June Billings Safford and Paula K. Beswick
  • Approx. 11" x 11"
  • Hardback

     If you travel you will find a common theme among residents in different cities and towns, the unwavering devotion to their home. People love to claim that their town is the best and most beautiful, that it is a private paradise few people bother to discover. However, there's something about the beautiful devotion of the people of Bozeman that stands out. Bozeman From the Heart is a heartfelt collection of stories, memories, and poems from the people of Bozeman. Bozeman From the Heart is a beautiful collection of reasons why Bozeman is so beloved by its residents. From artists who found their muses in the beautiful wilds that surround the town to authors who sit in coffee shops and spirit people away to become characters in their next book, Bozeman From the Heart tells their stories alongside breathtaking oil paintings that capture the spirit of the small western town turned city. 

     "Learn about some of the quirky characters who called (and some who still call) Bozeman home, the nascent arts, and cultural scene of the fifties, sixties, and seventies, and the way in which our personal lives and the life of the community are entwined. With original pieces by local writers, leaders, and educators, this visually joyful book is far more than a simple recount of Bozeman. It is a tale from the heart."