Brass Pine Necklace by Daphne Lorna


SKU: 80213


  • Brass
  • Long lasting
  • Made in Montana

These clean and simple necklaces are the perfect gift for friends and family. The best part of brass, is over time it will develop a very nice and unique patina depending on how often you wear it. The attention to detail with the clean edges and etching are all done handmade by skilled artists and crafters that love their work and are dedicated to finely made jewelry.

Daphne Lorna is a wonderful company owned by two sisters, Daphne Lorna Evans and Cindy Evans McCoy. They grew up in Canada and have been making jewelry for basically their whole lives. They now live in separate states but Daphne still lives in Montana and is continually inspired by our wonderful scenery and elusive wildlife, while Cindy lives down in Atlanta where she oversees the technical business side of things as well as focusing on design and marketing. We at the Montana Gift Corral love to work with such dedicated people who care about their art and their customers.