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Bubble Bath Basket by Montana Gift Corral (3 Styles)




  • Baskets are NOT customizable. Each basket will be built based on availability of product. 
  • Upon purchase, each gift basket is filled with decorative paper and shrink-wrapped for safe shipping!
  •  Perfect gift for a mini spa day

Indulge in some bathtime luxury with a Bubble Bath Basket by Montana Gift Corral. Each basket is made with an array of products from makers like Mixture, European Soaps, and Archipelago Botanicals. Finished with decorative paper and placed in an adorable metal bathtub, this is exactly the kind of array you want to give as a fun little gift! Imagine the delight of the receiver when they see the thought and care you've put into their gift. What's more, once they've used all the things inside the gift basket, they can use the little bathtub for other things, such as decorating a guest bathroom! It's a wonderful way to make use of all the parts of the gift.

At Montana Gift Corral, we pride ourselves in making unique and high-quality gift baskets to give to your friends and family. If the basket you choose includes a Mixture candle, you'll delight in the 100% soy wax candle in this simple votive that should burn for approximately 20 hours of delicious aroma. If the basket you choose includes European Soaps, indulge in a soap made with pure shea butter and argon oil. If the basket you choose includes Archipelago Botanicals, you'll enjoy high-quality ingredients used to create lotion that softens your skin without being overly greasy. But no matter which basket you choose, we're certain you're one step closer to relaxation in the bathroom with a Bubble Bath Basket by Montana Gift Corral!