Buffalo 35 MM Snow Globe by Mother Moose Enterprises


SKU: 68259


  • Wildlife-inspired design
  • Contains snow and glitter bits

Come on down to where the buffalo roam! Or just get yourself a cute souvenir! The Buffalo 35 MM Snow Globe by Mother Moose Enterprises is a cute look into what buffalo do in Yellowstone during the winter! We love these cute little snow globes but if you are looking for a bigger snow globe to pair with this little one, we recommend the Kare n' Bitty 45MM Water Globe by Mother Moose Enterprises for an animal party! 

When artist extraordinaire Peggy Kupper crafted some cute figures for a local craft fair, she quickly realized that there was a market for wildlife-inspired ornaments that was going completely unnoticed! Based out of Missoula, Montana, Mother Moose Enterprises was developed with a strong passion for the outdoors and wildlife!  Mother Moose Enterprises is dedicated to bring you high-quality gifts that many individuals love and treasure nationwide!

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