Buffalo Bobblehead by Mother Moose Enterprises


SKU: 68269


  • Wildlife-inspired design
  • Three dimensional

Are bobbleheads going out of fashion? Never! Here at Montana Gift Corral, we think bobbleheads are a timeless classic! The Buffalo Bobblehead by Mother Moose Enterprises is the best bobbin' knoddin' friend out there! Put him in your car, on your desk, or on your shelf! They look good just about anywhere! 

Based right here in the great state of Montana, Mother Moose Enterprises is known for bringing you picturesque souvenirs with their everlasting passion for the outdoors. Started through a simple hobby, this company is now a thriving business known for supplying high-quality souvenirs throughout the Rocky Mountain Region! We adore the large selection of products offered by Mother Moose because there is nothing like being able to see the quality of your gift.

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