Buffalo Crew Socks by Lazy One


Brand: Lazy One
SKU: 64834
  • Adult size 9-11
  • Soft cotton blend

Who wouldn’t want a buffalo herd running across their feet? Well, probably everyone. But these socks give the impression of having a buffalo herd run across your feet but without, you know, the intense pain and years of physical therapy. Made by comic clothing genius Lazy One, these everyday socks are just the thing to put a bounce in your step, and add some fashion to your feet.

Lazy one was founded in 1999 by a Utah man and his wife who thought that the market for comical boxer shorts was being sold short. Since then they have boomed into a prosperous company, and a trusted friend in the pajama business. Whether you're looking for slippers or nightgowns, boxers or onesies, Lazy One has something for everyone in the family.