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Buffalo Ornament by Mother Moose Enterprises


SKU: 57708
  • Designed in Montana
  • Wildlife-inspired design
  • Three dimensional

If you live in or have visited the Big Sky state of Montana, you are most likely no stranger to bison! Bison are the largest mammal in North America, some weighing in at 2,000 lbs and standing up to 6 feet tall! Talk about a massive creature! At one point, these fantastic animals were near extinction, however, with the help of conservation teams, the population of bison has recovered. If you are as fascinated by bison as we are, you should check out the Buffalo Ornament by Mother Moose Enterprises. Designed here in the great state of Montana, this three-dimensional ornament will be the perfect addition to any space!

Mother Moose Enterprises, a local company based here in Montana, is known for creating quality handcrafted and personalized gifts and souvenirs since 1986. Peggy Kupper, the artist behind these adorable pieces is still creating fun wildlife-inspired creations that are fun and attractive. If you need something to amp up your space, check out our line of awesome products from Mother Moose Enterprises!

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