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Cheese Grater Ornament by Old World Christmas


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  • 3 3/4''
  • Glass Ornament
  • Made in America

Do you have a deep and unadulterated love for cheese? Cheese lovers unite! With the Cheese Grater Ornament by Old World Christmas, you finally have a way to express your passion this holiday season. At just 3 3/4'', it will fit well on any tree, and will be sure to raise eyebrows higher than a cheese soufflé. Maybe you know someone that loves cheese as much as you do? This hot new item would make an excellent gift for a chef, or really anybody who shares the passion of cheese.

Old World Christmas was founded in 1979, and has more than 1400 ornament designs accredited to their name. The process they use to create ornaments was invented in the 1800s, and uses hand crafted molds that have molten glass mouth blown into them, which then are cooled and decorated to the standard that Old World Christmas customers have come to expect. While the tradition may be a century old, the end result is still as beautiful as a slice of Montgomery cheddar cheese.

So whether you are shopping for a connoisseur of the cheese, or someone who is fine with a slice of Kraft between some wonder bread, the Cheese Grater Ornament by Old World Christmas will make a great gift this holiday season.