Chipmunk Courtship Napkins (2 sizes) by Paperproducts Designs


SKU: 81475


  • Sizes: Lunch - 6.5" inches by 6.5" inches Beverage - 5" inches by 5" inches
  • 20 napkins in a pack
  • Soft, 3-ply paper, naturally bleached, without chlorine

Get fancy with the Chipmunk Courtship Napkins by Paperproducts Designs. It features two, in-love chipmunks donning their fanciest nature hats as they stare deeply into each others eyes. One is wearing a pinecone and is looking incredibly dapper while the other wheres a local lupine. Your party just got started with these hilariously, adorable wildlife napkins. 

Paperproducts Designs brings you the beautiful work of Vicki Sawyer. Her work features woodland creatures, taking you out of reality into a cottage fantasy. Her animal napkins evokes feelings of pure joy and they all have a sense of humor that anyone can enjoy. Growing up, Vicki Sawyer learned to love the outdoors from her family, and later in life, drew on nature for inspiration in her artwork. We know you will fall in love with her work, so check out the other Paperproducts Designs we have!