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Chokecherry Jelly - 11 oz. Jar by Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 17506

Don't let the word "choke" deter you from this fantastic North American berry delight! Chokecherry Jelly is truly a treat for the sense. When you open the jar, the scent of woodsy, aromatic chokecherries will have you salivating. Spread on some fresh toast or a warm English muffin, and every bite will be a new sensation. Chokecherries are native to the northern United States and Southern Canada and can often be found growing along the edges of fields or grassland borders between woods. The berry itself is very tart, but thanks to the folks at Huckleberry Haven, the addition of a bit of sugar makes this jelly a serious experience for the tongue. As one of our most unique Montana made foods, it will definitely put the right amount of zip in your breakfast routine.

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