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Church Lighted Print 1 by RAZ Imports


SKU: 60810


  • 18" tall and 14" wide
  • Artist: Alan Giana
  • 3 AA batteries included

Country churches have their own unique beauty. The solitude and reverence that comes with isolation can be a true experience for a worshiper. During the Christmas season, it can be even more moving to spend time in a country church. This Christmas art by Alan Giana is called Church Lighted Print. It captures the essence of a church in full Christmas splendor. What's more, when you press the activation button in the corner, the snow lights up, adding to the special scene!

RAZ Imports has been a leading provider for holiday and home decor since 1979. They hand select the best quality products from around the world, and deliver them to retailers. Each season, customers get a new selection of  innovative designs and products from popular themes. After being in business nearly 40 years now, they have become a trusted friend in all things Christmas.

The Church Lighted Print offers a unique way to decorate for Christmas this holiday season!

Note: Music in video not included.