Cleopatra Beverage Napkin by Paperproducts Designs


SKU: 81503


  • Size: 5" inches by 5" inches
  • 20 napkins
  • Soft, 3-ply paper, naturally bleached, without chlorine

The history of cats is incredibly fascinating. If you didn't know, cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt. They believed cats were magical and that they brought good luck. If you are a cat lover, you know how true this is. The Cleopatra Beverage Napkin by Paperproducts Designs is here to express how magical cats really are. Featuring a siamese cat adorned in an Egyptian headdress, these cat cocktail napkins are fun, funny, and totally adorable. So add some personality to your next party and show off your love of magical cats with these cat paper napkins!

Paperproducts Designs brings you the beautiful artwork by Two Can Art. This fun mother and son duo work together to bring you stunning illustrations complete with fun textures! Patti Gay and her son, Noah, strive to create art that puts a little personality and color into her life. Not only does their artwork get put on mugs, but also napkins so you can match your items! We love it!

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