Cuddlekins Jumbo Bison by Wild Republic


SKU: 78896


  • Size - 24" inches long
  • Stuffed with 100% Recycled Material
  • Easy to Clean/Surface Washable

Have you ever wanted to give a Bison a big hug? We admit Bison are super cute, but we do not advise ever giving a real one a hug. Don't worry, we have a pretty amazing solution. With the Cuddlekins Jumbo Bison by Wild Republic, you can safely give a Bison a hug anytime you want, and with no threat to you or the ones you love. Plus, the make of this bison plush is sustainable and made from 100% recycled materials so you can happily hug your bison!

Wild Republic has been crafting sustainable toys and cultivating a love for nature since '79. Their goal has always been to create inspiring goods that kindle the desire to learn and wonder. With a passion for the outdoors, Wild Republic works to create toys for children, like this bison stuffed animal, that are made to honor the environment while inspiring them to learn!