Dandelion Greeting Card by Quilling Card


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  • Measures 6" by 6"
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Dandelions are the true sign of summer! As the days heat up, there's nothing quite as adorable a little child running through the grass, picking dandelions, and blowing the florets into the wind. Give that nostalgic feeling o summer with the Dandelion Greeting Card by Quilling Card. This is more than just a greeting card; it's art! The image features full summer dandelions, dried and ready to be picked! The summer breeze is taking care to blow those fuzzy bits all across the lawn. Some might call them a nuisance while others call them part of nature. We call them beautiful on this Quilling Card!

The art of quilling paper has a rich history. It actually began in ancient Egypt and gained popularity with monks and nuns during the Renaissance. They would take gold-gilded paper and shape it into art to adorn religious artifacts, similar to when real gold was used by it wasn't available. Today, that traditional and artistry is recreated with paper that is rolled and glued to for unique images like these beautiful dandelions! The Dandelion Greeting Card by Quilling Card is a wonderful way to let that special someone know you are thinking about them!