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Dean Crouser Winter Gift Puzzle by Demdaco (3 Styles)


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 82116


  • Measures 10" by 8"
  • Features Dean Crouser winter-themed artwork
  • 120 pieces

You know what makes the holidays better with the family? A Dean Crouser Winter Gift Puzzle by Demdaco! Picture this: the family is all gathered together in your perfectly decorated living room in their coziest, comfiest pjs. There's a Christmas movie playing in the background, mugs of hot cocoa in everyone's hand, and you've just started a Dean Crouser puzzle. This is exactly how you make beautiful winter memories with your family! Enjoy putting together the puzzle, fitting piece by piece, and when you're done, it's easy cleanup! This puzzle includes a little paper board cylinder with a handle, so everyone can celebrate your hard work and then put the puzzle away for easy storage. 

Dean Crouser is a favorite artist of those of us at Montana Gift Corral. Aside from behind an all-around good human being, he is a talented artist and avid outdoorsman. Living with his wife and two children in Oregon, he often visits Montana to experience the fly fishing and beauty of nature that's so easily accessible here. When not enjoying nature, he's using those experiences as expressions for his artwork. Working to keep is brushstrokes light and loose, the art he creates is always a visual delight. Now, you can enjoy a little Dean Crouser artwork in fun puzzle form with this Dean Crouser Winter Gift Puzzle by Demdaco.