Deer in the Meadow Mini Lighted Print by Glow Decor


Brand: Glow Decor
SKU: 78965


  • Easel stand for easy display
  • Measures 6" tall and 8" wide
  • Requires 3 AA batteries

Do you have a hunter in the house? Love to decorate with one of your favorite passions? Then we recommend the Deer in the Meadow Mini Lighted Print by Glow Decor. If this scene were real, the hunter in your life would be jumping for joy in the quietest way possible. Can you imagine sitting in the fence line for hours, waiting for the perfect buck to come along, and out he saunters into the tall grass of the meadow? While we often think of these lit prints for the holidays, this is one that you could keep in your home all year round. Coming from Glow Decor, you know you'll be getting something of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Each lighted print from Glow Decor is made with fiber optic LED lights. It's built to last and shine through the years. In this print, the headlights of the truck glow a soft yellow and there are slow blinking lights that shine in the grass near the big buck. When you turn this print on, it will stay lit for 6 hours and then turn off automatically to conserve battery power. That means you get the pick and choose the times you want to see this canvas print glowing. The on/off switch is easily accessible on the side of the piece, so you can hit the button before you go to bed and not worry about it being left on all night. The Deer in the Meadow Mini Lighted Print by Glow Decor should be the next piece of decor in your hunting-themed home!