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Dog Doughmutts by Treat Planet


SKU: 77796


  • Handmade
  • Made with Sweet Potato
  • Healthy Dog Treats

There is no denying that donuts are one of the most delicious treats in existence. I mean, who can resist a good maple bar in the morning? Here at Montana Gift Corral, we think that our four-legged friends should be able to experience the deliciousness of donuts too, don't ya think? Luckily, we offer Dog Doughmutts by Treat Planet! Made with sweet potato, these healthy and low-fat dog treats are the perfect much to get your pup's day started off on the right foot. Handmade in Missouri, we are sure that your dog will enjoy these adorable treats to no end!

Based in Earth City, Missouri, Treat Planet is a company that is committed to offering natural, healthy, and eco-friendly pet treats throughout the nation. Offering both meat and plant-based treats, this company wow its customers with a range of options to meet the dietary needs of your furry family member. As they put it, "Our Treat Planet brands include innovative products made from unique proteins and all-natural ingredients." We want the best for our dogs, and we are sure you do as well!

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