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Dona Gelsinger Playing for Jesus Ornament by Inner Beauty


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  • 5" long and approx. 3 3/4" wide
  • Painted from the inside of the glass
  • Includes satin-lined gift box

On the night Jesus was born, joy spread throughout the land! You can almost hear that joy in this Dona Gelsinger Playing for Jesus Ornament by Inner Beauty. Bringing together the excitement of Jesus' birth with the pah-rump-pah-pum-pum of the Little Drummer Boy, you can almost hear him beating away on his little drum in celebration of our lord and savior. Jesus isn't the only audience member though. A few of the other manger guests have gathered 'round to hear his cheerful song. Baby Jesus looks up in awe and wonder and this beautiful music played just for him.

The artwork featured in this Inner Beauty Christmas ornament comes from Dona Gelsinger. Her grandfather was an oil painter who favored landscape works of art, and it was sitting there watching him work his magic that she picked up her own love of the artistic process. One of her most favorite projects, she was commissioned by her church in Diamond Bar, California to paint 14 life-sized paintings of the Passion of the Christ. Devoting herself to her art full time after starting a family, she now licenses her pieces with companies like Inner Beauty so her message can be spread all across the world. Adding the Dona Gelsinger Playing for Jesus Ornament by Inner Beauty will bring a little extra light to your tree this Christmas!