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Dona Gelsinger "Winter Guardian Angel" Ne'Qwa Ornament


Brand: Ne'Qwa
SKU: 67178
  • 3" high. Petite princess shape
  • Adjustable tassel cord
  • By Ne'Qwa artist Dona Gelsinger

A young angel, with wings outstretched, takes special care of all Earth’s creatures that dwell within a winter’s landscape, particularly the cardinal that rests upon her hand. Includes a certificate of authenticity, and is beautifully packaged in a satin-lined hinged gift box. Give a sliver of winter piece to your loved ones for a wedding, an anniversary, or as a special and heartwarming Christmas present.

Ne'Qwa (pronounced nay-kwa) is the Mandarin term for the centuries old tradition of hand-painting on the inside of mouth-blown glass. From outlining to shading and coloring , all the work that goes into these beautiful ornaments if painstakingly hand-done by skilled and experienced artists. Each of these works of ornament art come with a certificate of authenticity and are packages into a special satin-lined and hinged gift box.