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Dona Gelsinger "Wishing on a Star" Ne'Qwa Ornament


Brand: Ne'Qwa
SKU: 65877

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  • Made of glass
  • Hand painted on the inside

Those cold winter nights with clear skies bring out the best stars especially those stars you can wish on. The Wishing on a Star Ne'Qwa Ornament by Dona Gelsinger will remind you to find the star you want to wish on. The golden angel will listen to any wish you cast up to the star filled sky. Dona Gelsinger does a beautiful job bringing our starry sky to life.

Ne'Qwa Ornaments are made from glass and hand painted on the inside to give you the finest of details. The Dona Gelsinger Wishing on a Star Ne'Qwa Ornament will come to you in a red velvet box to give you a precious gift.

Don't forget to make wishes on those bright stars!