Downtown Bozeman Montana Lucite Magnet by The Hamilton Group


SKU: 74028


  • Bozeman Inspired
  • Montana Inspired
  • High Quality

We love to show case Montana, but we also love to showcase Bozeman just as much! The Hamilton Group knows how to keep us happy with showing us the heart of our home, downtown Bozeman. This is definitely the best way to bring a little bit of Bozeman into your home with a bright happy magnet of the heart of downtown Bozeman. Pick this up for yourself or as a gift for someone who wants to visit or if they have visited and want to bring a little piece home with them.

It's not surprising that the Hamilton Group has all of our best interests at heart. They never cease to provide their customers with high quality Montana inspired product like these magnets and stuffed animals and other products that bring a little bit of Montana into your life. That's why we at the Montana Gift Corral love to work with them because they won't let you down and they won't let us down when it comes to quality products and customer service.