Dream Catcher Greeting Card by Quilling Card


SKU: 73272


  • Measures 6" by 6"
  • Requires extra postage
  • Blank inside. Request a personal message in your order comments for free!

Quilling Card offers you a way to send unique works of art to loved ones in the form of beautiful cards! This Dream Catcher Greeting Card by Quilling Card is a very unique way to send your well wishes. Using the ancient art of quilling, which began in ancient Egypt, small strips of colored paper are rolled and shaped into different designs. This dream catcher design features bright, pastel colors with pops of feathers and flowers. Send inside the coordinating mint green envelop and know that they will gasp with delight when they open it!

Quilling Card employs many different artists to create their greeting cards and is part of the Fair Trade Federation, which means they promote sustainability and fair treatment of all their employees. The dream catcher is a symbol of Native American cultures. The story is if you hang a dream catcher over your bed, it will catch all of the nightmares so that you will only have good dreams while you sleep. That's exactly the sentiment you want to give to your loved ones, so give it with the Dream Catcher Greeting Card by Quilling Card.