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Dreidel Christmas Ornament by Old World Christmas


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  • Blown Glass Ornament
  • Hand Painted

     Hang this adorable hand-crafted blown-glass Dreidel Christmas Ornament by Old World Christmas on your Christmas tree this holiday season. The Dreidel Christmas Ornament is a sweet yet subtle way you can give tribute to a heritage, or celebrate two faiths together. The dreidel is a four-sided spinning top with the letters "nun", "shin", "hey", and "gimel". Together they say “A Great Miracle Happened There”. With the Dreidel Christmas Ornament, you can honor to traditions and heritages at once in a beautiful and unique way. 

     Old World Christmas is one of the premier Christmas ornament designers in the U.S. Since 1979, they have been tirelessly creating new and timely ornaments. The method they use to cast the mold and blow the glass has been around since the 1800s, and while it may be an old method, the results are still as vibrant and meticulous as ever. With over 1400 product designs, they offer one of the largest catalogs of Christmas tree ornaments in America.