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Earthy Black Knife Cover by Myra Bag


Brand: Myra Bag
SKU: 80739


  • Durable
  • 4" high
  • Belt loop carry

This Earthy Black Knife Cover by Myra Bag is the perfect accessory for your knife. The sheath is made from high-quality, durable leather that won't wear down over time. The cover effectively protects your blade from damage, as well as protecting your clothes and skin from cuts. It's sure to last you a long time. It also comes with a loop for convenient storage and easy transport on your waist belt. With the Earthy Black Knife Cover, you can always keep your knife safely within reach.

Myra Bag is a fantastic company when it comes to high quality leather goods. From bags to knife sheaths, they know what leather to use where and when. We at the Montana Gift Corral have enjoyed working with Myra Bag because of their high quality products and we know you will love their stuff too!