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Elk Droppings Chocolate Covered Peanuts by Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 24790

Due to extreme summer temperatures between June 1st and Sept. 15, please choose expedited shipping when purchasing chocolate or candy to prevent melting! Thank you!

Elk Droppings Chocolate Covered Peanuts are a decadent milk chocolate shell encasing a crunchy peanut center that satisfies the snack foods lover in all of us. Elk Droppings Chocolate Covered Peanuts are a delightful selection from our gourmet candy line that is packaged in a run 3.5oz. pouch that is perfect for slipping into your favorite elk hunters pack or stocking the saddle bags. Tease your tastebuds with these hilarious treats or give as the perfect gag gift for coworkers and friends.

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