Elk Locked Back Acid Etched Blade by Buffalo Knives


SKU: 76235


  • Made in the USA
  • Measures approx. 8 1/2" long
  • Silver inlay designed and made in Montana

Whether you're looking for utility or beauty, you'll find it in the Elk Locked Back Acid Etched Blade by Buffalo Knives. The fine craftsmanship of these knives is ever-present, which means you can display this beauty just for looks or you can hook it to your belt look for any outdoor emergency you might have. From blade tip to handle end, all of the pieces are crafted in the United States. The blade is acid etched to elevate the look of the steel, but also to prevent any chance of rusting. The handle is set with striking inlays to really make this knife distinguishable from that standard pocket knife.

Buffalo Knives is based out of Utah and they have been crafting fine knives since 2005. John Wojick is the Montana artist who handles all of the inlay work. While he focused his studies early on in engineering, it was his love of the outdoors of Montana that brought him to the artistry of metal inlay. Today, he is able to channel that enjoyment of art and his attention to detail into his metalwork. Combined with the knowledge and expertise of skilled bladesmiths, Buffalo Distributing works to provide these gorgeous knives as gifts or keepsakes for the handy people in your life. Enjoy the look and the use of this Elk Locked Acid Etched Blade by Buffalo Knives!