Elk Tracks Earrings by Semaki & Bird


SKU: 60968


  • Animal Inspired
  • Sterling Silver
  • Made in the USA

 These earrings are a perfect accessory for that person who is always tracking, the person who loves to show off their love of elk in a more unique and creative way. These sterling silver elk track earrings are light, shiny and look amazing as an accessory for any outfit! These would be the perfect gift for a friend or a family member, but they would also be a perfect addition to your own jewelry box at home.

Semaki & Bird is a company that is committed to Earth friendly products and packaging in an effort to keep our planet clean. They package all of their products in recyclable packaging, and they also try to incorporate educational messages into their packaging as well. We at the Montana Gift Corral love to work with Semaki & Bird because of their quality products and their love of our environment.