Enameled Key Ring by Montana Leather Design


SKU: 80432


  • Handmade Copper Enameled Bead
  • Made in Montana
  • Leather Braided Strap

Keychains are so handy. They help you carry keys and other smaller items that can get lost. If you have a keychain, you always have a way to track down your items. But you don't have to sacrifice fashion for functionality. With the Enameled Key Ring by Montana Leather Design, you can have best of both worlds. Made with a stunning handmade copper enameled bead and leather, this key ring is a stunning and made with high-quality craftsmanship. 

Montana Leather Design is a local artist based in Stevensville, Montana. Using unconventional techniques and materials, Olive Parker of Montana Leather Designs creates unique designs, individual to each piece. She is inspired by Montana nature and uses it as the resource for new ideas and creations. If you a looking for a locally talented western jewelry artist, Montana Leather Design is for you.