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Evening Onyx by WoodWick® 12oz. Candle


SKU: 52781

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  • 7.4'' x 5.8'' x 3.7''
  • Woodwick Evening Onyx Tinned Candle
  • Distributed in America
  • 80 hour burn time 

Scented candles are a great way to rid your home or room of undesirable and odious smells. And with the Evening Onyx by Woodwick, you are sure to dissipate any unwanted scents, and replace them with the mellow smells of an authentic Woodwick candle. The mixture of jasmine leaf, black orchid, and sandalwood will fill your nose and leave you in a state of relaxation, and the floral design on the tin will make this a great piece to put atop a fireplace or on the kitchen table.

The Woodwick Galleria Collection combines the comfort and familiarity of a Woodwick candle with hand picked art gallery inspired designs. Featuring custom made 8.5oz tins in specially selected fragrances, The Woodwick collection offers a variety of scents to complete each individual customer's house - and with a burn time of 80 hrs, the Evening Onyx Candle is the gift that keeps giving.

So, if you're ready to replace that funky smell in your living room that just won't seem to go away, or perhaps you're just looking for a great decorative candle to work as a centerpiece on your coffee table, the Evening Onyx by Woodwick would be an excellent choice for you.