Feelin' Lucky Candle by Boondocks Candle Co (3 sizes)


SKU: 84111


  • Notes of Coconut & Lime
  • Handpoured in Ennis, MT
  • Available in Three Sizes
    • 4 oz.
    • 9 oz.
    • 16 oz.

Escape to your own personal beach paradise with Boondocks Candle Co's Feelin' Lucky Candle. With its signature blend of coconut and lime, hand-poured in Ennis, MT, and adorned with hand-drawn artwork, this rustic masterpiece is the perfect accent to any room. One whiff of this captivating aroma and you'll feel the warmth of the Florida Keys. You'll be Feelin' Lucky!

Light up your space in style with Boondocks Candle Co.'s exquisite Feelin' Lucky Candle line. Handcrafted in the beautiful town of Ennis, Montana, each candle is individually poured with 100% soy wax for a clean and eco-friendly burn. Gift yourself or a loved one a touch of rustic elegance in the form of an apothecary-inspired amber jar. Add spark to your home and get lucky with Boondocks Candle Co.!

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