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Ferret Small by Nat & Jules


SKU: 66665


20% Polyester 80% acrylic

Distributed in America 

Did you know that a group of ferrets that live together is called a "business"? If your looking for a new addition to your business, than the Ferret Small by Nat and Jules would be a terrific choice. This charming little weasel was made with child safe material and extra soft plush to make it as safe as it is cuddly for your child.

Nat and Jules is a division of Demdaco that is tasked with designing and creating new and exiting stuffed animals for every child's taste. Whatever your child's favorite animal is, weather is be monkeys and mice, or snakes and skunks, Nat and Jules endeavors to create something for every child.

So if you've been sitting at your computer ferreting out good deals on stuffed animals your young ones will love, look no further. The Ferret Small by Nat and Jules is a safe and delightful gift for any young person on your Christmas list.