Fireweed Field Slim Can Cooler by Alaska Wild and Free


SKU: 81285


  • Made in Alaska
  • Slim Can Cooler - Perfect for Hard Seltzer
  • Wildlife-Inspired Keepsake

Keep your hands warm and your drinks cold with the Fireweed Field Slim Can Cooler by Alaska Wild and Free. The beautiful design is full of color and depth. We love the sunset behind a field full of fireweed, a common flower among the United States. This slim can cooler will help you distinguish your drink from other drinks and possibly earn you some compliments.

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Alaska Wild and Free is a woman-owned company passionate about offering beautiful wildlife-designed products. Kristi Trimmer, the talented owner, and artist bases her unique designs on an array of beautiful photographs she has taken while living a nomadic lifestyle for over 4 years. From these photos, Kristi has been able to create beautiful stickers, magnets, coloring books, printables, and even can coolers to inspire the lives of other outdoor lovers!