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Fireweed New Life Card by Claire Emery Art


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  • Made in Montana
  • Authentic woodblock design
  • Beautiful nature-inspired design

Montana is known for its beautiful display of wildflowers in the spring. Of the dozens of wildflowers are brighten up our mountain landscapes, fireweed is definitely one of our favorites. Fireweed thrives in open meadows, along streams, roadsides, and forest edges, and is known for charming Montana travelers and residents with their stunning purple and pink blooms. If you are as much of a fan of Montana landscapes as we are, you definitely need to pick up the Fireweed New Life Card by Claire Emery Art! Designed right here in Montana, this stunning design is the perfect greeting card to send to your friends, family, and loved ones!

For more than 20 years, Claire Emery, of Claire Emery Art, has worked with scientists, botanists, and conservation groups to create a collection of artwork that is educational, true-to-life, and inspiring. Through a technical process of designing, carving, and printing a variety of stunning wildlife and nature designs, Claire Emery is truly able to inspire people throughout the nation. As she puts it her art is able to, "uplift the human spirit by conveying the wonder of being alive on this earth". Make sure to pick up the beautiful Fireweed New Life Card by Claire Emery Art, we guarantee they will not last long in our shops!

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