Fireweed Sticker by Alaska Wild and Free


SKU: 81835
  • Measures 3" Long
  • Wildlife Inspired Design
  • Made in Alaska

There is nothing quite as beautiful as wildflowers. Commonly seen throughout Montana during the spring and early summer, fireweed is a hardy perennial plant that is known for its vibrant pink flowers. If you have a love for the foliage seen in our beautiful state, make sure to pick up our Fireweed Sticker by Alaska Wild and Free! Measuring about 3" long, this sticker is perfect for nature lovers and is sure to convey a whole lotta love. Made here in the USA, these stickers are bold, beautiful, and made of high-quality materials!

Based in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska, Kristi Trimmer is the mastermind behind this unique design. For several years, Kristi worked as as a nomadic travel writer, taking thousands of photos along the way. Inspired by the beautiful places she's seen and photographed, Kristi began illustrating nature and wildlife scenes that can now be purchased as stickers, coloring books, and other fun accessories. 

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