First Date Beverage Napkins by Paperproducts Design


SKU: 81459


  • 5" x 5" Beverage Napkin
  • 20 Napkins/Package
  • Soft, 3-ply Paper

If you didn't know, red-bellied woodpecker's like to get all dressed up for their first dates. They actually get pretty fancy with their outfits! Why not add a bit of that fanciness to your dinner parties with the First Date Beverage Napkins by Paperproducts Design! Featuring stunning artwork by Vicki Sawyer, these fun napkins are sure to be the talk of your dinner party! Get your hands on some today especially for a first date!

Paperproducts Design is a company that is passionate about offering an array of quirky designs that are sure to bring you joy daily. Collaborating with a variety of talented artists, PPD is committed to making your home a place that you want to be! On her many walks, Vicki’s grandfather would tell her stories and fascinate her with the names of plants and their purposes. Her mom’s childlike delight in even the simplest things taught her to be visually aware. Her dad gave her the love for birds.

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