Flat Heart Hammered Post Earrings by Nature Cast Metalworks


SKU: 60009
  • Sterling Silver Earrings
  • Made in USA
  • Post Earrings

When it comes to the perfect outfit, you can't forget to accessorize! From necklaces, to dangle earrings, and even unique post earrings, you truly can't go wrong with any accessories from Nature Cast Metalworks. While we offer a variety of jewelry from this company, one of our favorites is the Flat Heart Hammered Post Earrings by Nature Cast Metalworks! Crafted from high-quality sterling silver, and designed and made right here in the USA, you can rest assured knowing you are adding a wonderful new product to your collection. We guarantee that when you wear these unique post-earrings, the compliments will come rolling in!

Over 20 years ago Nature Cast Metalworks was first started with a passion for creating the one-of-a-kind jewelry that will stand the test of time. From nature-inspired accessories to wildlife-inspired earrings, you truly can not go wrong with any products from this unique company. 

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