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Floral and Bird Mugs by Elizabeth St. Hilaire (2 Designs)


SKU: 69528


  • Holds 12 oz.
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Nature-inspired and Collage-style

     Sheets of music litter the floor, old novels covered in dust are stacked in a corner. Letters from loves long gone and lyrics from childhood songs, receipts and plane tickets and postal stamps. Elizabeth St. Hilaire gathers these stray pieces of paper and gives them new life in her breath-taking collages. Now her stunning artwork can be enjoyed wherever you go and at any time with her Floral and Bird Mugs. The Floral and Bird Mugs by Elizabeth St. Hilaire each feature a unique collage of words, letters, and vibrant colors. These mugs are perfect for any coffee or tea drinker in your life, or even just for someone with an appreciation for beautiful art. 

     Elizabeth St. Hilaire began her collage career when her father found an old stash of sentiment in their attic. Inside were just simple mementos from her childhood, but Elizabeth felt that stuffing them in a new box under her bed was a tad anti-climatic. She wanted to use them to make something beautiful, and thus her first collage was born, Looking in on Jane, a portrait of her mother.  Elizabeth partnered with Big Sky Carvers to help spread her unique and stunning artwork with the world. Now you can enjoy it wherever you are.