Flower Moose Acrylic Frame by Mother Moose Enterprises


SKU: 74130


  • Fits a 4 x 6 photo
  • Features art by Peggy Kupper
  • Remove back to insert your own photo

The perfect little Montana souvenir is this Flower Moose Acrylic Frame by Mother Moose Enterprises. Simple and sweet, you'll be able to place to put this picture frame anywhere you want to think about your time in this beautiful. On your bedside table, near your entryway, or in your living room, this little frame lights up any space you choose to display it in. In the background, you have the whimsical and unique art of Peggy Kupper. A moose family is exploring the beautiful lands of Montana, frolicking among wildflowers and basking in the rising sunshine as it tips over the mountains. How cute!

Now, if you want to make this frame even more personal, you can just remove the back and add your own picture. Have a fun moment you snapped while you were in Montana? A silly moment where the family was all together? A picture of your pup? Great! Any and all of those would fit inside this frame perfectly if they are a 4 x 6 photo. Even with the picture inside, you'll still get to see two floating little moose figurines inside the acrylic. And when you pick up the frame to admire it, you'll get a swirl of glitter while you watch the moose buddies bob and dance over your photo. The Flower Moose Acrylic Frame by Mother Moose Enterprises it just want you need to help display your favorite photo!